Student Well Being

Student Well Being

Informed by best-practice our education model supports students’ with complex and unmet learning needs. Practical classroom-based strategies such as self-regulation, relationships and wellbeing increases student resilience, engagement and significantly improve academic achievement.

Our emphasis is looking at the whole child, to understand their unique needs and learning styles, as well as their passions, interests, and dreams. 

Our Wellbeing Team, which includes two Psychologists, a Wellbeing Support Officer and support dogs,have a dedicated,soothing and safewellbeing space for students to engage in low-sensory activities, group therapy and mindfulness /activities that promote wellness through action around the beautiful and unique environment here at Fairbridge. 

Students are supported to:

  • develop a strong sense of self,
  • to build and maintain healthy relationships,
  • to make positive decisions in relation to their health andphysical activity,
  • develop health literacy competencies to enhance their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

As students mature, learning how to address issues such as personal transitions; safety;substance use; healthy eating; and mental and sexual health are critical to maintaining and promoting the growth of young Australians.

Enrolment Process


Contact Fairbridge College to provide details about your student.

Request a referral from the current school to be sent to Fairbridge College.


Attend an interview and learn about the College’s ethos and expectations.

The students’ academic and wellbeing needs will be discussed.


When a place is available you will be contacted and offered a start date.

Please note: The student may be added to a waiting list until a place is available.

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