Environment Sustainability

Fairbridge College provides internal and external ‘classrooms’ that are a critical variable in positively effecting student morale and learning. The opportunities for student involvement in the process of creating their environment through a variety of projects serves to  empower them, develop a sense of community and increase motivation.


Where possible, environmental and personal sustainability is incorporated across the curriculum. Fairbridge College works in partnership with Fairbridge RTO (50612) to deliver accredited training in Conservation and Land Management to senior schools students. Additionally, at the Pinjarra Campus there is a community garden and apiary that provides vegetables and honey for use by staff and students. The vegetables grown are used in the kitchen and the honey is available for purchase and use in other projects as driven by innovative ideas of students and staff. Overtime, gardening/horticulture and bee-keeping will hopefully be incorporated at the Kalgoorlie campus as well.

Enrolment Process


Contact Fairbridge College to provide details about your student.

Request a referral from the current school to be sent to Fairbridge College.


Attend an interview and learn about the College’s ethos and expectations.

The students’ academic and wellbeing needs will be discussed.


When a place is available you will be contacted and offered a start date.

Please note: The student may be added to a waiting list until a place is available.

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